Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Amazing Faith of Melody

So Melody and I have a stomache flu where we have been throwing up and feeling miserable. And Jon and his brother Rick were in the garage when the missionaries rode by on their bikes and Jon asked them to please come in and give Melody a blessing to help her feel better. In the blessing it said that she would get better quickly and would feel well very soon. Not even two seconds after the missionaries say Amen that Melody looks me straight in the eye and tells me, "Mommy. Its working" So the elders asked her if she was feeling better and she responded, "Yes. I'm feeling better. its working."

Its amazing the faith of a small child.

Monday, August 17, 2009

So to Catch up Everyone up on whats going on since our last blog.....

So....... alot has happened since our last blog and even before that one. Four days before bethanys birthday we had to have her have surgery. :-( Her eyes had a tendancy to wander outwards and we thought nothing of it til i took her to the eye doctor to see if we could do anything about it and he told us that she needed surgery. He explained to us that when her eyes wandered outward the vision would turn off in that eye while it was off to the side. And he also explained that if we didnt get the surgery done we risked her losing sight in one or both of her eyes. :-( sad day. Of course i was SOOOOOOOOO stressed about her having surgery, I mean for goodness sakes she wasnt even two yet. But we made the decision to get the surgery done just the same, my worriedness aside.

So as the day of the surgery approached closer and closer the more and more nervous i got. Cuz bethany is my baby girl. So when the missionaries came over for dinner the night before we had them give her a blessing to help her and mommy, once she had her blessing i was feeling much more calm about it all.

So the day arrived for the surgery and Bethany was more concerned about the fact that she wasnt getting to stay at her Nana's to play (Melody was staying there for the morning to play while mommy and daddy took sissy to the hospital) than she was about surger. She played and had the greatest time waiting for her surgery time and i thought that i would be staying with her when they gassed her before they put the IV in for her other anesthesia, but they had me walk with her to the double doors and hand her over for her to go behind the doors all on her own. Needless to say as soon as i handed her over and she started crying for her mommy i broke down and was just crying.
After the surger the doctor came out and told us everything went fine and she would be good to go home as soon as she woke up from the anesthesia. And whe she woke up from the anesthesia she was very UNHAPPY. lol. she didnt want the IV in her, she wanted to rub her eyes and she wanted out of that hospital and wanted her cup of juice. lol.

Since her surgery her personality has changed completely! She is more out there and excitable and she is happier and her personality has just shined through! We are so grateful that the surgery went well and she did so good. and the results are fabulous! can you tell by the pictures?

Befor the surgery when she was quite a bit younger

and 4 days after the surgery at her brithday party!