Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, today we went on one fun adventure to Superstition Farm owned by the Stechnij Family! It was one of the funnest adventures we have been on yet and literally right around the corner!
The farm is a dairy farm that has tours of the farm and a petting zoo for kids. its so so so so so much fun
It all started out with Farmer Jason telling us about how they take care of the cows on the dairy farm and what they feed them. Bethany wanted to take a handful of the cow feed for her to keep for herself. silly little girl. lol.

Here are the pictures from our day of fun

The whole gang (Me, Bethany, Jon, Melody, Steve, Kristin, and Kyler) taking to tour of the dairy farm

Me and Bethany learning that 3-5 calves are born on the farm a day. thats alot of baby cows

After the tour we got to meet the smaller animals and help feed them.
This is the bunny named Sushi
Sushi was donated to the farm from a japanese preschool

Bethany really really liked Sushi. She wouldnt leave that poor bunny alone

They had little brushes so the kids could brush Sushi

Bethany and the chicken with the funky feathers

Me holding the funky chicken

Jon and the funky chicken

Bethany and Sushi again

The girls brushing Sushi....again

Bethany really wanted to take Sushi home

Melody telling Sushi about the bunnies in our front yard.

Kyler being a cutie

Melody and Bethany with Carmichael the unicorn goat

Bethany talking to Picante the miniture donkey. His name is Picante because he is little but has some kick to him. :-)

Picante and Cookie eye balling the kiddies

Another one of them funky chickens

Everyone enjoying the milk from the dairy farm with the fun flavor mixes in them that the Stechnij's were nice enough to give us

Jon with his butterscotch milk and me with my chocolate milk.

Bethany really really liked her orange and cream milk. :-)

Due to the fact that i kept snagging sips of Bethany's milk she decided to keep it attached to her face til it was all gone so she didnt have to share with anyone else.

Bethany being silly

The farm dog Toby really liked us. We spent about 20 minutes just playing fetch with him. It was the funnest thing we have done in a while. If you ever wanna have a fun time and learn all about cows and a dairy farm ( and by the way the dairy farm didnt even smell!) head on over to superstition farms!