Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The "Sea Monster"

So me and the girls took a walk to the nearby Basha's because we were in need of some milk and other things and while we were there i thought it would be fun to introduce Melody to the Lobster tank. Lol. I had no idea the obsession i would start with her. The kid didn't want to leave that section of the store. Every time we walked away she would throw a conniption fit. As we walked through the store finishing collecting the few items we needed she insisted we go back to see the Lobster on more time and this is what she had to say about it:
Mel: Mom! I love this Sea Monster!
Me: Do you want to ask daddy if you can have it as a pet?
Mel: Yes! That Sea Monsters name is Ice Cubes and it is like a crab! I will have it and pet it and then I will BITE IT! I love that sea monster mom!
Too bad she only liked that sea monster for the first trip to the store that day. We had to go back a second time later in the day and she freaked out when i suggested we go look at her "Sea Monster Friend" Lol Melody just cracks me up!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


4 years ago..... Melody was born on March 21st! She is such a wonderfully fabulous little girl and we love her so so so so so much!!! She has the most wonderful personality and is friendly and accepting of everyone we meet!!! Hooray for turning 4!!!

We of course had a Birthday Party to celebrate Melody turning 4!!! It was a Super Awesome Dance Party!!!

Melody and her Daddy were sent on a trip to get a few balloons from the Party store and they came back with over 40 Balloons crammed into the car. When they pulled into the garage mel was saying, "MOMMY!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" It was very funny.

Jon did a fabulous job of stuffing the icecream pinata with candy and pencils and crayons and pirate coins!!!

Melody relaxing a bit before all her guest arrived

The Birthday girl in her Party Hat(s)

Bethany doing the Hokey Pokey. "You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around..."

Bethany and Grandpa "putting their elbows in" lol. I think this is one of the cutest pictures ever!

The Stanleys enjoying watching the party. :-)

Jon said, "Hey Jessica!!!!" and this the picture that resulted. lol

Heaton and Lainee "helping" Melody blow out her birthday candles

Singing Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday!!!!"

Bethany super excited for the Pinata

Bethany trying to hit the Pinata

The Pinata trying to hit Bethany. lol

"Ok, lets try this again...."

"How did you get over there?"

Melody trying to get the pinata

"Get it!!!"

Swing and a miss!

Lainee taking a whack at it

Swing and a miss!

Grandma Patti's turn!

Go Jenni! Look out Jon!!!

Kristin's turn!!!

"Look mom its CANDY!!!"

The gathering for the gift openings

Mommy trying to get Melody to sit to open presents

Opening Presents

MORE candy
A giant disney fairytale book!
The Party was a wonderful success, as always! Happy Birthday Melody! We are so very very grateful that you came into our lives!!! We cant wait for our next big adventure with you!!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Restless Soul

I think it's time to look inside myself
In truth I think I'm scared of what I'll see
Facing this discrepancy of what I am
And what I want to be
Staring at the mirror with this heartless gaze
I can read between the lines
That go along the forehead of this anxious face
That isn't even mine
Oh, my restless soul
Trying hard to take control
Worn out from standing still
Knowing what I am and hoping that I can find
A way to make it real
I think it's time to look inside my heart
To face the insecurities I hide
Still it seems so hard to struggle past the gates
That are guarded by my pride
Looking at the self that no one else can see
Maybe it was better to be blind
But the mirror in my hand is seen with different eyes
Reflecting only truth within my mind