Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Chick Cake Balls

Thanks to i decided to make these delcious treats known as cake balls.
I took these ingredients and made the most delicious and sugar filled treats. First i took the Cake mix and made.....
.... baked them into cupcakes and then....

...crumbled them and mixed them iwth the frosting and turned them into...

......into cake balls
which i then dipped into white chocolate chips with food coloring!

a flock of blue chicks

a blue one

a pink one

The finished product


Here are some of our Spring/ Summer time activities that we have been doing over the last few months. :-)
My Sister in law and my niece and nephews came over to fly kites!

Since it isnt normally windy enough in Arizona to fly kites so we enjoyed the little time we had. :-)
I told the girls that we could have our picnic outside (mostly for mommy to get them to get all their wiggles out. So we trekked out to find a shady tree and nice spot to have our delicious picnic. and settled on a place. and sat down to eat. :-)

They really enjoyed playing outside

Animal Crackers for dessert

Bethany ate all of her food

The Girls adore picnics and are their new favorite way to eat lunch!!!