Saturday, January 29, 2011

The New Additon to our Family...

BEANIE!!! He is our new Maltese puppy!
We got him from my sister in laws little family. Due to the craziness going on in our lives they found themselves unable to take care of him, and since Jon and I were looking to buy a maltese puppy they thought it would be best for us to have him to love!
And love him we do! Especially Bethany!!!

She LOVES him to pieces, and always wants to hold him, hold the leashe when we take him for walks and just sit with him. She is hilarious with this little dog. Today she was telling him, "Come with me Beanie! Good dog!" and "Sit down with me Beanie! Good dog!" I actually think he listens to her better than he listens to me.
And let me tell you this dog loves to do one thing.....

He sleeps in very odd positions as seen above. And i was starting to think he was a narcoleptic dog. He sleeps all of the time in odd positions and all of a sudden.

This is how he fell asleep today on the couch next to me. All of a sudden i was sitting there on the couch and he literally fell over onto his back and was snoozing away. Silly dog.

He is super cute and we love him to bits. He was exactly what our little family needed, and he is a very well behaved little doggie. We have only had one accident since we got him, and that was really only because the girls locked him in melodys room with them while i was in the shower. We love him and are so excited to have his cute furry face in our family!