Monday, April 27, 2009


So we headed out on sunday for a little family adventure just to get out of the house and do some thibg since we dont get to see much of each other during the week, So our first stop was the Swap meet, nothing really eventful there excpet jon found some AWESOME lucha libre masks that he had to try on, very funny. We should have take a picture but we didnt. :-( Oh well, next time. But after we finished at the swap meet we headed out to find something else to do
So while we were driving i told jon how i want to see more of the tourist attractions of arizona because Ive never been to the Grand Canyon or not much of anything and i want to go visit some stuff and take family pictures and have more adventures, not even a minute after i finish my sentence, we pull up to a mining ghost town and we decide to get out and check it out.
It was tons of fun here are some pictures of us there......

Melody demonstrating how NOT to fall off the cliff, lol

Melody checking out the horses in the Corall while i changed Bethany's wet clothes

Daddy caged up us girls and took our picture. :-)

We barely missed the opportunity to attend church services at the ghost town. :-( Might have been fun. lol :-)

Bethany taking a snack break

The Girls munching on their animal crackers. Yummy Yummy!

Here is Melody and her Daddy sitting on a big rock waiting for the big Gun fight to start

A great pic i caught of both the girls looking right at me for the picture, a very rare thing to behold.
So, we were waiting for the gun fight to start and one of the "cowboys" shot of his gun with the "real" ammunition and scared the life out of mel and so she cried and cried that she wanted to go home and that the "cowboys" were scary. We stayed to see the most pathetic gun fight ive ever seen and then we honored melodys tear filled wishes to go home and take naps.
All in all it was a very fun sunday Wild Western Adventure, Hopefully we can go on more of them. :-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sister Night with Katie

So me and my little sister Katie went out for a fun sister night! We went to golfland had had unlimited games, golf and laser tag, and it was the funnest!!!
We started out playing some games and we realized that we couldnt play any of the games that gave you tickets for free, LAMENESS!!!! Needless to say we were pretty angry about that so we played some racing games, then DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!!! We Rocked that place! Then we raced Motorcycles and decided to go and play some mini golf.
There were so mnay people there and they were taking so long!

So when we were golfing on like the third hole We spotted a toad on the green, it was hopping everywhere and katie tried to catch it but it kept hopping around everwhere and it finally hopped in the bushes. :-( But it gave us something to do while waiting for the slow poke McGees in front of us.

Here is Katie golfing

Katie Put Put-ing

Me put put-ing in my totally Awesome Shirt!!!

The Fountain and the Monestary where the little invisible monks live. :-)

I couldnt hit the ball into the monestary so i eventually got frustrated and ended up walking up the ramp to cheat and put my ball in myself.

The Pretty Windmill

Hurry! Hit the ball Now!

The little old west golf town.

So it was great fun golfing, but more than halfway through we got tired of having to wait for so long for each hole because of the slow pokes in front of us, so we went inside and decided to kill some dinosaurs!!! Which was super fun, then it got to be time to leave and when we went out to the car we eralized that we locked katies keys in the car. (Mind you it was really my fault because i told her to lokc her car when she never does becasue she had her two hundred dollar long board in the car and i didnt want it to get stolen.)
So we had to call my dad to bring jumper cables and Katie's spare keys, he was so mad at us. :-D but we were having too much fun to care. So after my dad brought everything we needed we busted out of the golfland parking lot and got us some food from the BK Lounge, (Burger King) then we went home and i went to bed. It was so much fun! I just love hanging out with my little sister!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventure Past

So, I realize that at the moment i dont have anything to blog about, so today im going to blog about past adventures that we have gone on as a family! :-)

First we will start with our Sunday Family Adventure that we had about 3 months ago. We decided to pack the girls up in the car and just go for a drive and see where we ended up. It was really ncie outside and super over cast and it looked and smelled like it was just gonna start raining, so we headed off not knowing where we were gonna go! And we ended up in Payson!

The clouds were so low that it looked like they were gonna touch the ground, it was super awesome!

Our first stop was a lake, im not sure which one, but it had a little resturaunt on a hill, but we didnt stay to eat. :-(

Melody with her daddy on the docks by the lake

the boat that give tours of the lake, unfortunatley it wasnt running when we were there.

"Wait for me!!!" - Melody

Melody enjoying her graham crackers and looking at the ducks on the lake

After the lake we got to payson where we had to get new Windshield wipers because We couldnt see because it was pouring so hard in payson

My brave hubby Jon replacing the windshield wipers and getting soaked in the process, he

Bethany pretending to drive while her daddy pixed the windshield wipers. :- )
After Jon fixed the Wipers we hit up the dollar tree woot woot!!! We got treats to eat on the way home and asome books to occupy the girls while we were driving

My inside out junior mints to eat for my treat. yummy yummy!

Melody reading her dollar tree book

Bethany eating her animal crackers and reading her dollar tree book.

Mel chewing on her binkie(ick) and eating her animal crackers

Bethany not wanting her picture taken

Me :-)

My sexy Jon Stanley!

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Bedding

So we got some new bedding, its green stripeys and the girls love it. They keep climbing into our bed and snuggling with the blankets and playing peek a boo around the pilows and stuff, its so cute and fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We thought that it would be nice to have a East Brunch and the results were Wonderful!!!

So for easter we had both the Stanley Family and the Sanders Family over for Easter Breakfast. It was tons of fun. We had so much food it was ridiculous and We hid alot of plastic eggs for the kids to find (most of them were in plain sight so Bethany could find them). But before the egg hunt everyone visited and my Dad read melody and my niece Lainee Alice in Wonderland. (Also just an FYI I totally stole these pictures from my sisters blog. teehee). But after everyone was done eating up the food we took everyone outside for the easter egg hunt, and the eggs we hid in plain sight the older kids found first, go figure, and bethany was the one who found the ones in the bushes. She is such a cutie!!!!

<===Here she is with her easter basket waiting for everyone else to get their booties outside to hunt for the candy. :-)

Melody did well with finding the eggs in the bushes with a little help from grandpa. :-)

Bethany loves the eggs!

After all of the eggs were found the kids sat down to check out what they found and the parents prepared themselves for the Sugar High the kids were gonna be in withing the hour. :-9

Of course Daddy had to help monitor the sugar intake. LOL. that girl loves her Marshmellows

All in all the easter brunch/easter egg hunt was a huge success and we loved having the whole family over to spend easter together!!!!!