Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventure Past

So, I realize that at the moment i dont have anything to blog about, so today im going to blog about past adventures that we have gone on as a family! :-)

First we will start with our Sunday Family Adventure that we had about 3 months ago. We decided to pack the girls up in the car and just go for a drive and see where we ended up. It was really ncie outside and super over cast and it looked and smelled like it was just gonna start raining, so we headed off not knowing where we were gonna go! And we ended up in Payson!

The clouds were so low that it looked like they were gonna touch the ground, it was super awesome!

Our first stop was a lake, im not sure which one, but it had a little resturaunt on a hill, but we didnt stay to eat. :-(

Melody with her daddy on the docks by the lake

the boat that give tours of the lake, unfortunatley it wasnt running when we were there.

"Wait for me!!!" - Melody

Melody enjoying her graham crackers and looking at the ducks on the lake

After the lake we got to payson where we had to get new Windshield wipers because We couldnt see because it was pouring so hard in payson

My brave hubby Jon replacing the windshield wipers and getting soaked in the process, he

Bethany pretending to drive while her daddy pixed the windshield wipers. :- )
After Jon fixed the Wipers we hit up the dollar tree woot woot!!! We got treats to eat on the way home and asome books to occupy the girls while we were driving

My inside out junior mints to eat for my treat. yummy yummy!

Melody reading her dollar tree book

Bethany eating her animal crackers and reading her dollar tree book.

Mel chewing on her binkie(ick) and eating her animal crackers

Bethany not wanting her picture taken

Me :-)

My sexy Jon Stanley!

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