Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There is not a better day than a Birthday!

So on February 26 I turned the big 23. And it was the best birthday I have ever had! It all started the night before when Jon and Mel went out to buy my birthday gift for me. It was.......

This Acer Laptop! All for me, Just for me! I have never had a computer that was just for me. Obviously I'm going to share it with my husband because i love him! But it wasn't just the laptop that made that evening awesome, Its what Jon taught Mel to say if i asked any questions before he gave me the gift. Before Jon went out to the car to get the gift to bring to me he said to Mel:
Jon: Melody what is Mommy's gift
Mel: Its a surprise
Jon: What color is it?
Mel: Its a surprise!
Jon: What shape is it?
Lol he trained her that anything i asked her she was to reply "Its a surprise!" What a clever Husband I have!
The next Day (my actual birthday) Jon had to work until about 1, So the girls and I were on our own until then, So we went to Krispy Kreme Donuts to get my Free Dozen Donuts for my birthday and we asked my Parents to come along with us.

Now for any of you that haven't had the pleasure of going into the Krispy Kreme Store they have a long Huge Glass window that you can stand and watch all the little donuts being made. Boy did the girls enjoy watching the donuts. They stood there for quite a long time with there Papa (Grandpa) watching the donuts being made, and while they were watching the donuts there was a little nubbin of a donut that was basically just a blob of dough that the girls watched go through the whole process. They named it the Baby Donut. And the donut went through the frier, was flipped, went through the glazer and down the conveyor belt and was approaching the end of the conveyor belt and the girls began to become very very concerned about the baby donut. My dad tried to explain to them that they would probably just throw that donut away because it was so small, and then Melody got VERY CONCERNED. She started slapping the glass and yelling at the worker (who couldn't hear her or was ignoring her) "SAVE THE BABY! SAVE THE BABY! DON'T THROW IT AWAY!" So I was laughing and my mom got up and went to talk to the worker at the counter and explained that her grand babies were watching the small donut ad were very concerned about its demise and asked if there was a way that we could save the donut from being thrown away, so the Worker went and took a box, caught the baby donut before it fell off the conveyor belt and handed it to my mom. Nana brought the donut over to the girls and There was cheering and much rejoicing oer the fact that the baby donut was saved. I love my girls they are so funny.

This is the baby donut that was saved. Its still hasn't been eaten, It is sitting in the Krispy Kreme box on the counter.
After we finished at Krispy Kreme the girls and I went to go with my parents to look at shingles for their roof then we went to my Older Sister Tarins house to hang out for a little before we needed to go pick up Jon from work. Tarin had saved me a Delicious Chocolate covered pretzel she had made. It was Yummy. Then once lunch time rolled around Tarin, the girls and I drove over to Jon and Nathans work to pick up our hubbies and then go to lunch at....

Then since Katie had to work and couldn't come to lunch with us I went and visited her at work and brought her a tasty roll from Chompie's. I just so happened to get a Jamba while i was there even though i was so full i could explode from eating Chompie's.
Then I came home to relax, and my wonderful friend Jen brought this over for me:

The most delicious and beautiful Chocolate cake ever! Delicious chocolate cake, with Pudding mousse like frosting in between the layers filled with mini chocolate chips, chocolate butter cream frosting on the outside and drizzled with chocolate ganauche. TASTY AS CAN BE! It was so thoughtful of her. Then i went to target with my good friend Alicia i the evening and bought myself a book with the gift card that my sister in law got me (Thanks again Jenni!) and came home to once again relax with my hubby. I also finished a dress i made myself and went to bed.
It truly was the best birthday I had ever had. My husband and girls made sure that it was all about me and that i was the special person for the weekend. There was zero drama and just nothing but fun, happiness and love. I don't think that any birthday could top this one. It would be a very difficult task to do. Thank you to all my friends and family that made my Birthday so absolutely wonderful!!!