Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So a couple weeks ago me and the girls were visiting my sister while the Hubster was at Curling and we decided to take a nice Sunday walk in the Mesa Cemetery that's right by my sisters house. (By the way when zombies start popping our of the ground to attack Tarin's gonna get eaten first hahaha! jk) Anyways Bethany hated it but Melody found the whole thing incredibly interesting and LOVED all the headstones with pictures on them and asked all their names and what not, and while she was walking with her Auntie Tarin she came across a ridiculously shiny black one that was in a foreign language and she looked at Tarin with the most serious face in the world and this is what she said

Mel: I know him

Tarin: Really?

Mel: He is my husband

Tarin: Is he really?

Mel: (pointing at the gravestone) What does this say?!?!?

Tarin: I don't know its in a different language i cant read it.

Mel: (still pointing) WHAT DOES THIS SAY!?!?

Tarin: I don't know mel. Lets ask your mom what language it is since she is better at identifying that sort of thing. Jessica! Come here

Me: What

Tarin: What language is that?

Me: I dunno it looks Turkish or Russian but I'm not sure.


Me: I don't know honey.

Tarin: Take a picture and we can show it to dad and look it up on the Internet

So i took a picture and we went to my parents house that night for dinner and spent at least an hour on the computer trying to identify what language it was and we FINALLY figured it out. SERBIAN! We then took another half hour translating it and this is what we found out the stone saying:

"Here Rest in Peace God, our never forgotten father and husband

Dragan L. Palid

Born 1918 Serbia Died 1986 Mesa, Arizona

Monument Erected by Wife Lily and Daughter Kristina"

So we have now translated it and told Mel and she was very pleased to know who he was. Not so sure how his wife Lily would feel about Melody claiming to be Dragan's wife, But I'm sure she wont care considering Mel is only 5. lol. But that was our Sunday Cemetery adventure. :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011


Beauty.....Who is the person who decides what the what the true definition of Beauty is. I wanna know what moron went and told the world that the only for of being Beautiful would be to be a size 0-2 have no fat on your body and tiny little butts? Seriously? I know a few people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and I believe the whole world has body dysmorphic disorder in one form or another. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that everyone should be healthy, but just because you aren't a teeny tiny size doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful! I am a mother of two, I got pregnant, got big, and so i am no longer a size 5 jeans and am pretty sure that i wont ever be a size 5 again, and I'm just beginning to understand that THAT'S OKAY! I don't have to be as skinny as Kate Hudson or anyone else. The fact that I have stretch marks on my hips and cellulite on my thighs and a saggy butt is a result of a beautiful struggle and experience of bringing my children into this world and it doesn't mean that I'm not as beautiful or hot as Beyonce. And I am going to raise my girls to know that no matter what you look like you are ALWAYS beautiful! And to NEVER let the world get you down with what they "think" beautiful is. And its the same with Men. Men don't need to look like giant body builders or ripped six packs to be handsome or sexy to their ladies. Sorry this is more of a rant blog. I just know i get down on myself ALL the time for not looking as skinny or as beautiful as i feel other women i know look, and i am now realizing that I don't need to look as skinny as other ladies. I am beautiful just the way i am. Now i will probably still compare myself to those other ladies just because its in my nature to be very insecure about it. But for this morning, for today, I am OK with the beautiful I am. :-)

Enjoy a song by Mika that says the same thing, and I listen to and dance to when I'm not feeling like a supermodel!