Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Decision to Speak Softly

So, on monday i was having a very rough day with the girls, so bad that when jon came home i retreated to my bathroom to take a very long bath. After i took my bath i joined Jon with the girls in the playroom to finish watching "Babe" with them. While i was sitting there watching my girls play i came to the realization of why I've been having such a difficult time.

I forget so often that my children are just that, CHILDREN. I get so frustrated and angry and i always forget that they are just children. Bethany isnt even two yet and i get so angry and im sure she doesnt even know why im angry, Melody is three and though she is old enough to kind of understand she doesnt always.

So sitting there watching them play i decide that i need to be more understanding, kind, and loving to my children. And ive made the decision to try not to raise my voice at them. and so far things are going WONDERFULLY!

Since i started only yesterday i have found that not only are the girls happier, but so am I. I dont have the anxiety throughout the day that i normally do, and i dont feel as stressed. Sitting and quietly talking to the girls has made a world of difference to me and to them. It is my goal that from now on I try not to raise my voice to them. I need to remember that they are just small children still learning, and alothough that learning may irritate me or cause me headaches, they are just children. Children who love me unconditionally and look up to me and are learning from me, and i owe it to them to love them right back and be understanding and loving in everyway.

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Megan said...

Wow good for you! I'm trying to work on that too- my anger has been so close to the surface lately and I definitely need to take a challenge like this!