Monday, July 27, 2009

Bethany is Two!

Bethany has been a member of our family for two years now!
We have been through sooo much with her in the short amount of time we've had her. The usual learning to walk and talk and what nots, and lots of fun stuff too!
She knows how to work her cuteness to her advantage to stay out of trouble and she knows how to be the sweetest too!
We just recently even went through surgery with her on her eyes as well.
With all our little family has been through we are soooooo HAPPY To have her as a member of the Stanley family!

This is Bethany in a wagon full of water balloons! Shes so cute!

The following pics are just ones from her stages of life so far!

Bethany just a few days old in her daddy's arms!

Bethany being held by her Nana when seh was just a few months old

The sad Bethany Face

A Happy Bethany face

Bethany at the zoo for new years snow!

Bethany riding a cement camel at the park!

My baby B. as a bumble bee!

And lastly beth dressed up as a cow for Cow Apprectiation!
Bethany Rose Stanley we LOVE YOU so so much and we are so happy to have you as a part of our little family! You are a very important part of our lives and i love you to pieces!

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