Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting into the Halloween Mood!!!

Getting into the Halloween spirit we decided to try and decide what to dress the girls as for the ward Fall Festival so we took them to party city and.....
They turned into little devils!! bwahahaha
But in the end we decided to have them dressed as.....

Melody was a fairy princess Aurora From Sleeping Beauty. She was beautiful, Just ask her she'll tell you. lol. this kid is not lacking in confidence!

And B was well a Bee!

Mommy and Beth as a couple of cute Bees!

And Mommy and Her little Princess Melody!!!
The girls had so much fun at the Ward Fall Festival, But i think we have decided to change Bethany's costume for the actual Halloween day. She has developed this new habit of scaring her mommy by crouching over and doing a creepy evil laugh and acting like a gremlin so what else to dress her as other than a gremlin!!!! We are so excited for Halloween!

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