Monday, November 2, 2009

October Fun

Well these are some Pictures from the fun fun adventures from October!!!
Well the first adventure we went on was Boo at the ZOO!

Here is Bethany Milking the fake Cow

Bethany and her daddy having a good time!

Melody and Bethany brushing the lazy goats. They brushed the lazy ones because they wouldnt run away. LOL

Me and the Lazy goat under the bench

Melody and the Goat having a in depth conversation

The Goat and Melody were intrigued by each other.

Not sure at all what this picture is about, lol but is sure is silly

Bethany and her giant wad of cotton candy

Melody enjoying cotton candy
We went to a pumpkin patch and looked at pumpkins and the girls enjoyed the throne made out of Hay!

Melody in the hay throne

Melody and Bethany enjoying their lollipops after we went to buy our halloween candy
Well we went to the Wachs house on the day before halloween for some DELICIOUS dinner and Pumpkin Carving.

Eric Carving their pumpkin with Power tools! lol. it was awesome

A sideways picture of all of us carving pumpkins

Before we knew it Halloween was here!!!!

Bethany was a gremlin and Melody was a Princess

Our scary Gremlin!

Really Scary!

Our Nephew Owen was a Redneck! The cutest/ funniest thing all night

Testing out unibrow make up for owen the redneck

Jenni doing Lainees hair. Lainee was a fairy (tinkerbell)

Gremlin and Princess again. They had so so so so much fun! That is an update on the latest!


Mark and Jamie said...

Cute pictures of cute girls! Also, I'm jealous of the obvious warmth. It makes me miss AZ.

The Stanley Family said...

Thanks!!! We are too much of weenies to leave the arizona heat.