Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

So i didnt have any pictures from our pumpkin carving because Jon used Alicias Camera to take them. lol. So yes i stole the pictures from Alicia's Facebook. :-D
Well We started off carving pumpkins while watching the lion king. Eric sawed off the tops of the Pumpkins with a power saw, but i did mine the old fashioned way with my own little serrated knives.

All of us taking the guts out of the pumpkins. :-)

Me getting a nice hug from Bethany while i had pumpkin guts hands.

Jon and the Girls beign cute! <3>

Jon and Bethany

Melody watching the random fireworks that started to go off and freaked out poor Bella (Alicia and Eric's dog)

Eric testing the pumpkin to see if it would fit on his head. lol

Jon having the girls jumping all over him like the crazies they are.


One of the seeds i took out of the Pumpkin had sprouted inside.

Me gutted my Pumpkins

Eric and Alicias Jack Skelington pumpkin

Eric and Alicia carving their pumpkin with power tools, and bethany trying to gut a pumpkin that hadnt even been cut yet.

Melody staring in Awe at Alicias Mad powertool carving skills.
Big Smiles!

More carving

Lol, Jack Skellington likes to eat his own pumpkin boogers. The girls got a kick out of that. :-)

The finished Jack Skellington

I ended up carving all of my families pumpkins since the girls werent interested in them at all. Melodys ended up being a ghost with.....

...The word BOO on the side!

Me holding Bethany's pumpkin that ended up being a scarecrow face. :-)
We absolutely had the best time! We love our new friends and hope we can do more fun things like this with them!


Alicia said...

So fun! Feel free to steal facebook pics any time!

Jon said...
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The Stanley Family said...

I felt bad taking them. i was thinking, "i hope she doesnt get mad if she wants to make a blog about it too." lol

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

That is some serious pumpkin carving!! Love the pix!!!

Anonymous said...
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