Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Merry Go Round

So alot has happened in the little lives of us stanleys. We have had near lots of joy and also near tradgedy in the family. And on one particular day my awesome sister Tarin asked if me and the girls wanted to get out of the house to get some laughs and silliness in during a very trying and stressful time, So we decided to go out, and we decided to go on, as melody put it, "An adventure to the stores" aka walking around the mall. And we had Nana and Pampa come and join us in our fun.

Once we got to the mall Nana and Pampa decided to treat us all to a ride on the merry go round. The girls were so excited to go on the merry go round when it wasnt moving, But once it got moving Bethany was not having fun. She would scream everytime her hourse would move up or down. Me being the wonderful mother that I am found great humor in this and let Pampa take over holding Bethany on her horse.

Bethany riding her horse next to auntie Tarin

Melody Pampa and Nana

So once i go back to stand with Melody I dont start feeling so good. Big Chicken Burrito from Del Taco+Merry Go Round= Motion Sickness (not fun) After we had our fun and games on the merry go round Nana and Grandpa decided to spoil their favorite grandchildren and buy them princess slippers and bags. And then we went to a popcorn shop to get the girls carmel popcorn.

While my parents were paying attention to the grandbabies me and my sister (being ther responsible and mature adults that we are) Spotted a fifty cent machine containing fake mustaches. Naturally we needed to buy them for ourselves to add to our already silly and giggle filled day. Despite our mother rolling her eyes at us and our dads irritation of us asking him to take our picture with them on they were the funnest fifty cents we have ever spent and made for a great and memorable day. :-)

Dont you love our mustaches? <3

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Thanks for bloggin'. It's still funny. :)