Friday, January 29, 2010

The innocences of Melody and how it comes out so funny!

Okay so Melody is almost 4 Years old and she talks ALL the time, and the majority of the time the things that come out of her mouth is freakin hilarious. The other day My Husband was flipping threw something on the internet and a picture of Osama Bin Laden was on the screen and Melody looks at the Computer and says, "Hey look! Its Jesus!"

Immediately Jon and i Burst into laughter so hard that my abdomen hurt very bad and Jon had tears streaming down his face. Once We calmed our selves down I explained to Melody, " That is not Jesus sweetie. That man made the whole worlds hearts very sad and he is a terrorist" Melody not understanding any of that except that it wasnt Jesus and he made people sad responded, "A terrorist? I see." and walked away as if nothing had happened at all. While her daddy and I laughed and admired her Innocence.

Speaking of Melody and Jesus......

Melody has become amazed with my Gospel Principles Book for Relief Society and LOVES looking at all the pictures of Jesus and people at church and she came across a picture of Jesus Ordaining the 12 Apostles

My dad was over when She discovered the picture and he explained to her in another picture that Jesus would place his hands on peoples heads and make them feel better. The other day Melody wasnt feeling well and She was laying in her bed looking through my Gospel Priniciples book once again and she said to me.."Mommy Jesus makes them feel better huh?" and i answered, "Yes he does" She then took my hands placed them on her head and said to me in the saddest voice, "Mommy please make me feel better like Jesus"
I love my Melody. I love her pure and innocent little spirit and her faith in her heavenly father and apparently her mother. :-)

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ACW said...

She is so sweet! And Eric and I laughed when I read the text you sent us. So funny!