Monday, February 22, 2010

Presidents Day Adventure!

Jon had to work on Presidents day and so did my Brother-In-Law Nathan so me and my sister decided to go on an "Adventure" with the girls since we dont get to see each other often because of Tarins work schedule so tarin came and picked us up and we were off.

Melody enjoying her "Adventure" cookies

Bethany enjoying her "Adventure" cookie

So the first stop we made was at Burlington Coat Factory to look at stuff that we didnt need or couldnt afford. lol. So we started off at the fun hat section and it was FULL of funny hats, Im assuming its because of Easter coming up in a month or so.

Melody in her awesome hat

Bethany in the big pink hat

Me and the Floppy Hat

Tarin in the Sequin Fedora

The girls got a little tired and decided it was time to sit and take a rest.

Peek-A-Boo Melody!

Peek-A-Boo Bethany!!!!

So Melody decided that she wanted to try on a Bra. lol. Silly girl!

Next we were off to the Mall to help tarin look for some new sunglasses

Melody in some rainbow Elvis like Glasses

So being in the area of the mall we spotted Five'N'Diner and talked about how we hadnt been there in years so Tarin was an awesome sister/auntie and treated up to some Five'N'Diner!

Bethany and I waiting to be seated at the Five'N'Diner

The Girls and the King!

Melody and Tarin having a good laugh

Fun with Bethany and Tarin

"Hmmm... to smile or not to smile....."

Kisses and Smiles!!!

Finally we got seated and the girls immediately wanted to color their menus (Like i would expect anything less. LOL)

Melody Coloring

Tarin is so excited to be at Five'N'Diner!

Tarin explaining to Melody what she can eat off the menu, of course she chose, "Inch Fries and Chicken!" -Melody

Bethany Enjoying her lunch of french fries and Dinosaur Chicken nuggets!

So Tarin got very cold in the restraunt so I let her wear my sweater so she wouldnt turn into an ice cube so shortly after i gave it to her i got SOOOOOO Cold so i put on Melody's Jacket that she didnt want to wear

"What else am i supposed to do?"

Our food took FOREVER to get out, We were at the restraunt an hour and we still hadnt been served our food So Bethany took pity on her mommy and shared.

Bethany sharing french cries with Mommy

"Say AHHHHHH Mommy!"

Tarin clentching her teeth to prevent murdering everyone since we had to wait forever for our food. The food was okay, But we still had alot of fun! Thanks Sister!

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