Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Restless Soul

I think it's time to look inside myself
In truth I think I'm scared of what I'll see
Facing this discrepancy of what I am
And what I want to be
Staring at the mirror with this heartless gaze
I can read between the lines
That go along the forehead of this anxious face
That isn't even mine
Oh, my restless soul
Trying hard to take control
Worn out from standing still
Knowing what I am and hoping that I can find
A way to make it real
I think it's time to look inside my heart
To face the insecurities I hide
Still it seems so hard to struggle past the gates
That are guarded by my pride
Looking at the self that no one else can see
Maybe it was better to be blind
But the mirror in my hand is seen with different eyes
Reflecting only truth within my mind


ACW said...

Did you write that? That gave me a tingle. Oh wow, Jessica. You are so amazing. I'm right here when you need anything and everything.

The Stanley Family said...

I didnt write it. Its a song by Cheri Call. Its in Gods Army and Charly. Its a really good song.