Thursday, May 6, 2010


WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This is a Post about my frustrations with people and the new Immigration law
Okay, so SB 1070 was passed. And everyone is making Arizonans out to be redneck racist looking to throw everyone out of the country. And its really starting to annoy/tick me off.
Everyone is being so ignorant. People think that the law is basically cops being able to go:
"Look that looks like a mexican lets pull them over!"
"Oh look that looks like one too! Lets pull them over!"
When in actuallity it is NOTHING like that,.
FIRST OF ALL there must be reasonable suspicion that there is a NON IMMIGRATION LAW being broken before an officer can even ask about their immigration status.
So basically if you arent Illegal and if you arent doing anything wrong or illegal itself the you have NOTHING to worry about! So its got nothing to do with anyone being racist. Its no different than an officer pulling someone over for speeding and then giving them a sobriety test because they think they might be under the influence. This law just like every other law is in place to inforce the rules!
Rules mind you that juts about any other foreign country has. Numerous people living in foreign countries wether it be for Missions or Tourism or work can be arrested or deported at anytime if they dont have their visas or paperwork in order or even with them. So our country is just barely starting to impliment the laws that everywhere else around the world have already had in motion for some time!!!!
Arrgh! So everyone stop whining and complaining about it already! Its already a law! So just deal with it and abide by it just like every other law that we are recquired to obey!
Sorry I dont normally post ranting blogs but this had just gotten to me to the point that i wanted to scream!
This will probably be the only ranting post as i use my blog normally to just update family and friends on the happenings of my family. :-)

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