Friday, July 30, 2010

My Good Friends

So i just had to write a little blog about my awesome friends Alicia and Jessica!!! They are truly the best!!! They came into my life by being my visiting teacher and have turned into so much more! They are always there when i need someone to talk to, and during the rough times in life! Alicia is always sharing her wonderful garden treasures and Jessica is always there for me to bring treats too. (I know im bad girls. I always bring you treats. :-) ) They never care if i meltdown in the middle of a conversation or if i start yelling at my kids when they are over. lol. They are always good for a chat or a walk or a crazy playdate!!! I love them so much and im so glad to have them in my life!!!!

Sorry ladies i stole a few pics from your profiles!!! :0)

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ACW said...

Ahhhhh. You are too sweet! We sure love the Stanleys are out house! I'm might have to do a shout-out in my blog for you!