Monday, May 4, 2009

Dont Spill The Beans

Nana and Grandpa Sanders got the girls the game "Dont spill the beans"
The whole point of the game is to try and not be the one who knocks the bean pot over, but in the case of my girls they turned the game from DONT spill the beans to DO spill the beans. Im afraid our efforts to teach the girls how to play the game properly were lost. :-)

Bethany waiting to try and figure out what the heck everyone is doing.

Melody and her grandpa playing the spill the beans game

"Only one bean at a time B." -Grandpa. Beth look says, "thats what you think grandpa!"

Nana, Beth, Mel and Grandpa

The girls and their mommy trying to play the game

Grandpa, Nana and the girls with the game, Grandpa trying to keep Beth from knocking over the Bean pot.
It was lots of fun, and now the girls have a game that they can play with their cousins! Thanks Nana and Grandpa!!!

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