Friday, May 8, 2009

Joes BBQ

So Wednesday was free food day at Joes BBQ!!! HOORAY!!! We all planned on going as a family, but Jon was too tired when he got home, So the girls and I met up with their aunite Tarin and Uncle "Napin" (Nathan) to wait in the longest line EVER!

This is the long line when we were standing in it.

More of the long long line.....

Melody riding on her auntie tarin's shoulders because she didnt want to walk. What a stinker.

Tarin, Nathan, Melody and Bethany wating in the line. Nathan trying to look happy, lol. He was not happy about pushing the stroller.

Melody Shake, Shake, Shaking her Booottaaaayyyy while waiting in line.

Bethany in all her glorified cuteness trying to get the camera to "help" take pictures

When we didnt let her have the camera we let her have Tarins cell phone which she proceeded to "text" :-)

Mel riding in the stroller smiling as happy as can be and Nathan sitting on the step

More of the long line when we started passing the church

Can you find us in the line?

The girls sharing the stroller

The homestretch of the line!!!

Nathan is getting tired of this line waiting thing.

Bethany decided to catch up on some reading while waiting in the line. teehee


Gettin in the door finally

Once we got in the door we had the option of having a pepsi or a diet pepsi, and with the sandwiches a choice of beef or pork, we also got pork and beans and coleslaw, yummy yummy yummy!!!

Me eating because iwas starving, and Bethany just drinking her pepsi. That girl is always thirsty

Tarin eating her sandwich and mel eating her pork and beans

All in all it was tons of waiting and fun, Bethany attempted to hop families a bunch of times, everyone thought she was adorable, but we had a good time and enjoyed the great food. Jon was so lucky to have me as a wife because i saved him a sandwich and brought it home for him to eat. :-)

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