Friday, May 29, 2009

The Heber Trip

So we went to Heber for the memorial day weekend and we had alot of fun. It was kinda stressful at times, but all in all it was tons of fun! Here are some pictures from the trip, Mind you i didnt take any of them. :-) Jon, Kristin and Steve took them all. So thanks guys!

Heaton and Melody laughing hysterically at whatever jon was talking to them about

Heaton contemplating the important things in life, lol.

Lainee relaxing on the stairs

Steve's son Kye, we love that kid!

Steve and Kristin Striking a pose!
So after our fun adventures on the first day discovering indian toilet paper and giant beetles, the majority of the family stayed up for a bon fire while most of the kids were sleeping!
The glorious Bon fire!
Mike jumping over the fire after it had calmed down, lol.

Steve jumping crazy over the fire

Owen enjoying some string cheese, yummy yummy!

All the adults sitting around the fire
So on the last day everyone wanted to go shooting the guns that we brought up. Jon had bought some targets and a target thrower, so everyone except me and patti, went shooting. Patti and I took on the wonderful task of watching all the kids.

Steve with one of the guns
Mike throwing the target and Steve shooting at it

Jenni and Mike enjoying time without the kids. :-)

My niece Temara with one of the guns

Kristin shootin the shot gun

Mike throwing the target and Jenni shooting it with the shotgun

Steve shootin tin cans

Temara Observing

And Craig Getting ready to shoot off the gun.
It was a really fun trip and it was nice to spend time with all the family! It was just a shame that Rick and Pauli and their boys couldnt come, but pauli is nine months pregnant and couldnt travel. But we will have them there next time for sure!

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